Carecell Game – Blessed!

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Seeing this results from my carecell group game, I am not sure should I be happy or not? The game is about writing how you feel about that person in 1 word, brief sentence or anything you feel prophetic about the person. So I will write about others and likewise others will write about how they feel about me.

3 people said I am “kind”, didn’t realise that I am? Haha 🙂

As I didn’t know about the game intention initially so I just wrote Titus name on it. After realising what is the game all about, I put my name below in bracelet as obviously not everyone will know how to write or describe about Titus. What struck me is what they wrote about Titus – Blessed. Indeed he is the blessed child to be with bringing us lot of fun and laughter. Not to mention, a lot of sleepless nights, anxiety attacks too. We have our fair shares of ups and downs where we did some parts right and some parts wrong. Glad to say it is ok, we can always start afresh as tomorrow is a new day to look forward to and try again. Isn’t that what parenting is all about?

We trial and errors, laugh and cry along the way too? And so coincidentally again, our Pastor was here at the carecell group last night. She remembered she came visiting us when I had just deliver Titus in the hospital and prayed for us, now here to witness Titus’s growth. So amazing how life can thrive in such short span, we aged, they grew.

It is not too long ago, I asked myself when will I ever have my own child. Now here I am with a 3 year old boy. I count my blessing everyday and tell him that I love him daily. Do you?

Thought of the day – Do you count your blessing everyday or you wake up to start complaining?

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