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It seems so easy to show your care & concern or is that the case for you? Recently, I visited my grandma at her house. She asked me to have dinner before I go home; however, I already have an dinner appointment with my parents-in-laws already so I turn her down. My grandma sat there and wondering for a while, then she asked: “You do not come here to play mahjong neither are you here to have dinner. Then why are you here?” I replied without hesitation, “To visit you loh”. It seems so easy and yet is that the case for others?

The working world has make us cover our true self at times to protect us from people trying to frame us, backstab or simply to avoid more workload that you can think of. So are you able to relax at home as well? Some choose to “cover” themselves as well, running away from parents who asked them for help or simply ignore them. Some just kept to themselves despite your family members may be having a bad time without offering them any assistance. Are you the guilty ones as well? They are there and only there now, time passed accidents happen. Anything can be changed and before you know it, it will be too late for regrets. Therefore start showing your care and concern now to your family members or relatives. Do not wait till they ask you for it, be proactive as well. Isn’t that what you are required to be when at work as well to gain you an opportunity for promotion? Or because at home, there is no pay rise or promotion so you can afford to ignore? Loss of words? Take action instead…

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  • Rachel Ng aka Meishan

    i think one very good gesture is hugging your loved ones… i didnt use to believe it but now i think hugging is quite therapeutic.. gives a warm feeling…

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