Birthday Celebration – 3rd Oct 09

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Thanks to some best friends who celebrated my birthday last saturday. Also, a hand drawn cake complimentary from my hubby. I stressed the words “Hand drawn”. Yes, it is drawn by my hubby, 1 and only design. Where did the inspiration come from? See the picture below and you know…Haha 🙂

New Members

New Members, these 2 soft toys are for my new car though it hasn’t arrive yet, but we are already buying stuffs for the new car.So can you recognise which is which? Hehe :p

Birthday Cake

Not forgetting the side, looks creative? That is because my hubby runs out of space to write the text already. See video for the full text around it.

So after all this, how can I not get my friends to pose for me? No choice, who ask them to be my best friends right? Haha 🙂


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  • Huimin

    SO SWEET!~

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