“Baby” just passed away

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“Baby” is my sister’s pet rabbit. It had just passed away a few hours ago. It has been with us for seven years already. When it first arrived back in december 2001, it is barely 250g. It is a cute and mischievous rabbit that liked to explore around the whole house despite it is so small in size.

Little Baby 1
Little Baby 2
Little Baby 3

By the following year, it has grown to almost double or even triple of its original size. Still very mischievous hopping around the house.

Baby 1
Baby 2

In fact, it got stuck behind the TV rack once that we almost can’t find it. After that incident, my sister put a tag around it’s neck with bell so that we can find it easier should it go missing in the house again.

Baby 1

This is the curious Baby checking out the new rabbit’s house shortly Lion had just arrived.

Baby & Lion 2

This is one of a few moments where Baby is licking the younger rabbit (Lion) when Lion just arrived. After that, it disliked and bite Lion quite often. For obvious reason – jealously.

Baby & Lion

However, for unknown reason, Lion just like to cling on to Baby and follow Baby whenever it goes….

Baby & Lion
Baby & Lion

The last combined photo as of now already since Baby is gone. Bye, Baby and thanks for all the joy and laughter!

Baby & Lion 6

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  • Daphne aka Huimin

    Sorry to hear this. This is the 2nd rabbit after poly?

  • Felicia

    Yes, this is “Baby”, the first one is “Snowy”.

  • aedes

    my ex.gf and i used to have this rabbit too. She was barely bigger than my palm when we 1st got her. Rabbits are so adorable.

  • Vivienne Quek

    Sorry to hear that. I had a rabbit who passed on to the animal’s heaven too.

  • Rachel

    I just saw this blog entry after Ken told me, it bring sweet memory… Hope baby found lion and they can take care of each other, no more fighting

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