Announcing the Arrival of my Niece – Raelyn Ng

 In Raelyn, Keegan & Raelle Ng

Finally, my younger sister delivered last night at 10.45pm, a healthy baby girl weighing 3.16kgs. It was a long marathon, she was warded at 8am with contractions starting from 5am. Despite strong contractions, she only dilated 1cm. Doctor said she may be too tensed such that the muscle was too tight for the cervix to dilate. Therefore she was given the medicine to induce labour and also started epidural as well.. However by 2.30pm or so, her water bag broke but still only dilated 4cm. By evening, she developed mild fever at 37.4deg. Thing only started to escalate when her fever got higher to 38.5deg in the night due to the side effects of the epidural. So no more waiting for natural birth as the baby was getting distress and she went into caesarean.

I was so happy for her as that ended her pregnancy and her long process of delivery at the same time starting a new phrase of her life – Motherhood.

Raelyn 1

Poor baby, she is hiccupping and yet we are only concern with taking photos and more photos while she is awake. Haha 🙂

Raelyn 2

However, I was bleeding deep inside, why is it so easy for some people and so difficult for me… Sigh!

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  • Rachel

    A new generation is added, may my little dragon princess bring hope and luck to the family….

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