2 weeks

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2 weeks, seems short yet feel so long. When you are anticipating a result, you find it so agonising… Today is only the 3rd day, how to survive though the 2 weeks and see the end result? Luckily for me, my family and hubby are supportive and helped ease some pain and discomfort.In the meantime, waiting for my new table to be up to divert some attention away. So many things all on-going at the same time. My new ipad 2 just arrived yesterday too, my L-shaped sofa that I wished so much is coming on 20th June. Whoa, everything is going to be new and hoped that it will be a brand new start for me.On 1 hand, I hoped for the 2 weeks to pass quickly, on the other, I am guilty, because I haven’t been working hard on my work lately. That’s why people say, you win some, you lose some…Hope everything turns out well…

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