What was the secret to this success?

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A note to myself, also how many have I shown it to already?

Microsoft went public in 1986 where Bill Gates became a 31 year old billionaire. He was asked at the time “What was the secret to this success?”

Gates replied:
“There’s no secret. I worked really hard on my idea to get it as good as I could, and then knocked on door after door.
I ended up showing my idea to 1200 people.
900 said no.
300 people showed some interest.
Only 85 people actually did anything.
30 took a serious look.
And 11 made me a multi-millionaire.”

Today, don’t give up if you hear a no from someone.
Let the No’s go. Pray for them. Send them off with peace & love. Set them free to find what they are looking for.
Don’t let the No’s stop you from finding the Yes’s.

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