What doesn’t kill you make you stronger?

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How true is the statement and does it appeal to you? Yesterday I had a taste of it yesterday when I had a car accident. It was not my fault as I was at the second lane from the left to turn left. The other driver was at the extreme left lane to turn left obviously, when he decided to go straight and cut into my lane when the traffic light turned green.

He didn’t stop but proceed to drive ahead, I had to chase him down while sounding my horn all this while to the many onlookers at the junction of Victoria Street. He was caught behind the bus where I stopped at the centre lane to wind down the window to ask him, “Don’t you think we need to stop to check the cars?” To which he said, “To follow me.”. So I drove to Queen Street thinking to get into the carpark to check our cars. Upon arriving, I realise the carpark is closed, so we just parked on the side to check the cars.

He came down to explain that he didn’t stop as it is bus lane, in his mind, he was thinking of finding a safer place to check the car. I just kept quiet, how can I even know what he said is true and if he is that law abiding, then the accident will have been avoided.

Anyway to cut the story short, we took photos of each other cars, I called my hirer for advice and etc and we went to the workshop that my hirer indicated to check on repair costing and etc.
So I decided to take lunch before heading home, since I am “carless”, I decided to walk as I didn’t have my ezlink card too with me as well. :p And I walked back home as well taking the opportunity to have some peace and to think things through.

Now I am at home on the second day to rest since my car is not ready, thinking things through, watching the time passed by, working on things slowly… writing my blog, it’s has been quite a long time since I did this. Nice. God is good!

And I realise there is a song for it too, so enjoy on a fri.. TGIF!

Kelly Clarkson – Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)

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