Titus Low Jia Sheng 刘家圣

 In Christianity, Titus Low


Finally the mystery to my baby name. A lot of people have been asking me since I conceived. My answer is always the name has been there all along even before I conceived! However, I can’t reveal until now.

God gave me this name, Titus, for my baby to come. I came to know this name through the Bible. In fact, I wasn’t reading this book yet but I was being led to it. However, I hesitate to it as it was a Christian name and my hubby might not accept it. A few days later, it so happen that my hubby showed me a video – 鐵達時 Solvil et Titus 2012 TVC – Time is Love「100年之約」. This is the brand of a watch which I like it a lot, in fact my first expensive watch back from my secondary school days is this brand. I still remember the famous tagline of 不在乎天長地久 只在乎曾經擁有 though clinche but relevant. God showed me another way of the name where my hubby might have accepted it. That day I was certain that if I had a son, his name will be Titus Low. 🙂

The meaning of Titus means “Pleasing” or “Defender” in some other websites.

He was borned on 23rd June 2015 weighing 2.425kgs and crying out loud. I suppose that is a good sign. Then again, not sure is another coincidence. Someone send my hubby this picture about Emperor Titus. Did you see the similarity? See the date. I suppose everything is under God control in His timing…

Emperor Titus

P.S This blog post has been written in 21 Sep 2013, it has always been in my draft till now then it is being publish officially!

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