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I have been introduced to the movie – The Greatest Showman by my church where they are trying to show us what is the dream of our church. It led me to find the movie, watch it and have been listening to the song over and over again.

Why so, overtime we lost ourselves, our dream to the worldly views. We ran the vicious cycle of chasing money and in return got tired and lost our own identity.
This song is very powerful and so is the lyrics to be yourself – This is Me. Simple as it is, yet very difficult to get it done. However the only control factor is yourself, and you have no control over external factors or whatsoever.

I heard over the radio some time back that our local brand – Uncle Ringo got inspired as well and decided to do something similar as in a circus theme. I guess the movie must have inspired a lot of people as well which is very encouraging.

The video that I was shown in the church that started everything… 🙂

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