Sammi Cheng Touch Mi Concert 2016, 我感动了

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Last year I missed this concert as I was pregnant. This year I was hesitating to go or not when my friend offered me a good deal of the ticket at 50% discount. Well, I couldn’t say no to it so here I am. I was glad that I can attend the concert. A lot of mixed feelings and changes since last year till now that I was touched and still able to go for the concert.

Firstly, I now had a son, in fact, he was running a slight fever which made me worried that can I still make it for the concert. In fact, I was wondering should I still go for the concert as well. Secondly, I saw the change in Sammi, I guessed as we grow, we got wiser as well. She was more open and relaxed in her concert and enjoying herself rather than trying to hit every pitch and tempo well. Not that she doesn’t do so but rather the focus is not on that anymore. Some changes in the songs and arrangement and new costumes as well. Thirdly, I met Fu Fang Ling, hehe. 😛 Not that I am a huge fan of her but well it was a pleasant surprise to see a celebrity and we sort of smile at each other acknowing the fact that I recognise her and leave it as that. At the end of it, all went well for the concert and I went back home being a mummy again checking on my baby temperature every 2 hours. 🙂

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