Sammi Cheng 鄭秀文 Love Mi More Concert, Singapore – 6 Nov 2010

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I almost forgotten to post this until my hubby reminded me. Haha

Yes, I went again despite I saw her concert in April, just can’t resist the temptation. This time round more chinese songs though… Anyway, I don’t care if it is chinese or cantonese as long as the songs are nice… Also, our seating is at the centre floor in front of the stage. The audience seated here are very active, they practically stood up whenever Sammi sang fast songs and danced to the music. We tried taking some photos with our handphone but I think didn’t quite make it.

This song is a must sing song for her. She will sing for every concert. When I first hear it, I find it so familiar yet can’t recall when I hear it. In fact, because of this song, I called up my old time friend to ask about the song….

唯独你是不可取代 (今生註定 高明駿 王馨平)

A fast song here, I like the initial part… 眉飞色舞

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  • Baiyun

    Hi, I also went to her 2 2010 concerts in Singapore. I took some photos, perhaps you want to browse my blog for the photos at

    Not very pro or nice positioning, but better than nothing right. 🙂

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