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I am not quite a fan for handbags, however, when I saw this I just couldn’t resist it with the multi colour option. Thought my only option is really just BLUE. However, even so, there are different shade of blue.


I bought the cyan one, the second one from the top, however, I think I prefer the light blue if given a choice. Ever since I had my son, I prefer the lighter shade of things, then again, my son prefer darker shade when given a choice. Just when we think of baby blue or baby pink, he wanted dark blue, dark purple and etc. Just like we have been taught when young that boy used blue and girl used pink. Now the current generation is being brought up with or without that standard. It is a different era, having said so, something we prefer the old school ways, something we prefer to adopt new. What is different is how we can learn to differentiate the good practices to keep and the ones we don’t wish to keep…

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