Half Cup Full

 In Motherhood, Titus Low

Half Cup Full

My son is quite a sensitive boy, always needing hugs, cuddles and kisses. As I looked at him, I wonder is what I am doing enough for him? Are my hugs and kisses enough? Is my love good enough for him? It reminds me of the metaphor of the half cup full analogy. Do you see it as half cup full or a half cup empty?

Often we won’t know exactly how the young ones are feeling but best guess as at this age they can’t articulate that well or they don’t think that much. So we are always trying, guessing, thinking. Then again, there are also moments that he can tell me exactly what he wants, how he wants it, as simple as that and nothing else. As parents, we are constantly trying to validate and reensure ourselves as well too. So the question is do you see yourself as half cup full or half cup empty? Something for a thought…

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