First Communion 第一次

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Although I have taken communion for many years already.. this is the first time Titus took his communion… Thought not plan as such but so many coincidences or I should say God’s timing. He was misbehaving this morning so daddy and I were scolding him. Shortly after I get dressed to go to church, however this time round, he decided to come along with me. My guess is because he didn’t want to stay at home with daddy…

Upon reaching the church I realise today is communion day, Titus is eager to take his communion for it meant to have biscuit and drink. He almost took his communion several times before we prayed and to do so together. Everything seems to fall nicely in place, maybe that’s why people say things happen for a reason? He misbehaved, got a scolding and therefore wanted to come to church with me and so happen because he got a scolding from his daddy so I didn’t send him to nursery and let him stay with me in the adult ministry and therefore he had his communion… So many first so many coincidences, what are the chances, still my happy sweet moment with him. Thanks God, so touched!

Likewise I accidentally “marked” my attendance with my pastor. It is always the rare moment that I did bring Titus to church and met my pastor so “coincidentally”. Yet another pleasant surprise is I met my friends in my church. I have been in this church for a few years now but never realise that they have been coming to this church for past few months already. The funny thing is I have been inviting them for several occasions but they never come. This time round, it is definitely a pleasant surprise to see them here. So it really goes to show in His timing and He is real. AMEN!

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