CNY Celebration (Ah Fat’s Diary 小胖日记)

 In Ah Fat's Diary, Titus Low

晴天 学校
CNY Celebration

Proudest Moment yet…
We were celebrating CNY at Ah Fat’s school last week. The highlight? Obviously the Lion Dance performance by the older children. Therefore we were punctual so as not to miss it, especially he wanted to see a yellow lion dance specifically.. So we were praying that it will be a yellow one.
Upon reaching there, we realise there was an activity for us to work on, so we rushed through it and managed to catch the lioin dance performance before it ended.. Seeing the proud parents all standing in rows with their hands stretch up high to record the performance. I guess this is their proudest moments, to see their children able to remember the routine and danced with the music and tempo. Not minding that some kids might end up crying due to stage fright or whatever the reason may be.
Seeing this, I asked Ah Fat:
以后你表演 Mummy 站在第1位拍你好吗?
In future when you perform, mummy stand at the no 1 spot to record it ok?

Guess his reply?
Mummy, 你站在第4位。
Mummy, you stand at the no 4 spot.
I asked why, he just said because is nice.
Kid just have the weirdest reply that you can far imagine… #simplebliss #finerthingsinlife #ahfat #diary #liondance #proudestmoment #chinesenewyear #cny

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